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High-tech dog toys
So Lucy, my sweet ol' hound, loves to pull the squeaky mechanisms out of her squeaky toys.  These are usually cheap little plastic whistles with a squeeze bulb that activates them.  But today Lucy pulled apart her stuffed piggy to reveal the most complex and dangerous dog toy squeaky I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure some of those components, electronic or otherwise, don't go well with dog innards. Is this what happens when you outsource dog squeaky manufacture to China?
Crazy Dog
Design for
On account of it being Halloween and all, I'm going to repost some pics kindly sent to me through my friend Rick, of the creepiest thing I've seen all year...
Baby Killer Update
It's been a while since the last baby-killer episode, but it seems like some of the Africans figured out how to make babies (yum...
Baby Killers and Hot African Sex
So a couple of my Africans (those are fish, by the way) decided to get it on the other day, and pretty soon they were the glowing (and I mean glowing in red and blue) parents of several hundred adorable embyonic Jewel Cichlids...
Great white hunter
Fox hunting on the patio.


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