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One Breath Around the World
Closest thing to a real-world Moebius comic I've seen.
The Solar System to Scale
To Scale: The Solar System from Wylie Overstreet on Vimeo.
Riding Light
Riding Light from Alphonse Swinehart on Vimeo: Real-time animation of how long light takes to travel through the solar system. Space is big.
Combat Juggling
I might never have taken up fencing if I knew this was a thing.
Feminism alive and well... in a 12-year-old Egyptian boy
Things like this give me hope for the future.
Ask a physicist, 5¢
  Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman sometimes sets up a card table up on a street corner and allows all comers to bring him their physics questions.
38 miles of pure, unbridled insanity
One hair-raising lap of the Isle of Man TT racecourse--38 miles of pure, unbridled insanity on public roads. This has not been sped up.
Nobody should have to eat alone
This ad was pulled in South Africa after Zimbabwean Nando's franchises started to get heat from the government.
Guns... that sing
posted on Aug 3, 2011
If Earth had rings
If Earth had rings like Saturn...
Who says there's no sound in space?
The first two minutes are probably the most boring video ever shot. The next 5 minutes are the most incredible footage I have ever seen.
Air traffic from space
posted on Jun 23, 2010
What happens when hula hoop becomes a guy sport"> name="allowScriptAccess" value="always">
Lord of the Flings
posted on Feb 15, 2010
If there is such a thing as infinite awesomeness, this video has it.
Alaska Nanooks 2010 Hockey Intro from Szymon Weglarski on Vimeo.
Mobu on YouTube
Does this mean I'm famous now? Good thing I'm wearing a mask...
New Fencing Instructional Video
There's nothing like a bit of boogy while getting stabbed to death.
Real-time animation
No stop motion or other special effects. The story unfolds under her hands in real time.
Smoke Ring Collision
posted on Aug 17, 2009
How to get Gen Y to pay attention in Astronomy class
The power of Ptolemy's epicycles to describe planetary orbits, or indeed anything at all, is deftly illustrated.
Ford Fiesta Road Test
Everything you wanted to know about the Ford Fiesta, including how it fares in a Royal Marines Beach Assault.
Good samaritans
Can a 20 cm cardboard robot that can only move in a straight line, make its way though a busy city? A little charisma helps.
Vorpal Bunnies
It's your basic little heart-warming tale about bunnies who meet in a snowy field, slash each other to ribbons with sabres, get jiggy for a bit, and then axe-murder each other.
If this were 1982, Chris Dane Owens would be a god among men
This video is so awesome, it's all I can see. And I stopped watching it 10 minutes ago. I think I might be blind.
The Next Big Thing
Here's a nice vid that reminded me of when I once worked in astronomy...


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