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Kim Jung gi
Whoa, I don't even know which part to comment on. So much skill.  
10 worst best films of all time
So Roger Ebert just added Tree of Life to his 10 best films of all time list...
Guns... that sing
posted on Aug 3, 2011
Real-time animation
No stop motion or other special effects. The story unfolds under her hands in real time.
Vorpal Bunnies
It's your basic little heart-warming tale about bunnies who meet in a snowy field, slash each other to ribbons with sabres, get jiggy for a bit, and then axe-murder each other.
Crazy Dog
Design for
posted on Jan 18, 2009
PBI 2005
posted on Jan 18, 2009
posted on Jan 30, 2005
Flight of the Mermaid
posted on Jan 30, 2005
Art of Mobu
Art is the extension of perception. The thin black line The Black Arts  


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