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Anyone? Anyone? Didn't think so.
So there I am, just like I am 50 times a day, checking out this funny pic on the neener-net, when it suddenly occurs to me that I am reading a metablog of a reblog of a digital photo of a frickin' pencilled note...
CSS is awesome
Said so much more eloquently than I ever did.  Available at Zazzle, for the web designer in your life.  And if there is no web designer in your life, my birthday is today.
Google's business model explained
Google's launch of their NexusOne phone didn't impress Wired.  No worries, if you're Google.  Just pair that crappy review with a Google ad for Blackberry, and you make money either way, right?
Speaking of la revoluçion...
North Korea has a CafePress shop...
Revenge of the Nerds
Is Mike Arrington a dick? I learned the answer at: Unsure who Mike Arrington is or what he did to deserve this, I decided to check out Wikipedia, and learned that: J. Michael Arrington (born March 13, 1970 in Orange, California) is a serial entrepreneur, the maintainer of TechCrunch, a blog covering the Silicon Valley and wider United States technology start-up community, and a dick. Must be true, in that case.
Dumb-ass Quotes
There's a bit of a feud going on right now between stick-up-the-ass designers and tasteless ignorati about smart quotes...
So you wanna be a writer?
So... here's an interesting employment ad, copied directly off of Craigslist: los angeles craigslist  > central LA >  writing jobs Writer / End Of The World.  Reply to:  Date: 2007-12-13, 10:18PM...
Spam of the week
Spam is so tediously dull these days, it's rare that I come across one worth commenting on...
I kiss you!
The most awesome home page on the internet.  (If you're fond of hairy Turkish men, that is...)
Why Wikipedia beats the snot out of the Encyclopedia Britannica
You may or may not have been following the PR battle going on between Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica...
Spam poetry
Proof my handwriting my signature wire urgently confirmation place chairman am I...
The 10,000 names of Britney
People don't seem to have much trouble spelling "Spears", but her first name is a killer.


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