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The Library
The Library by Morgan Burke on Exposure
Letters to the Street
Letters to the Street by Morgan Burke on Exposure
Welcome to East Van (expect no mercy)
And while I'm promoting photography projects on the Internet, you might also be interested in my dumping ground for random street photography, Live from East Van.
I've upgraded my Exposure site, and started to post long-form photography pieces there. Check it out!
Ice Queen
posted on Nov 17, 2014
Burn in the Forest
Check out my story on Exposure.
I Love You
A gang of hippies has been spreading their dangerous message all over Commercial Drive.
Recent HDR experiments
So after a bunch of experimenting with manually building HDR images and trying assorted programs to simplify and automate the process, I finally did the obvious thing and just bought a respected HDR program, called Photomatix Pro.  Rather than ramble on about all its pluses and minuses, I'll just post a few images and let them speak for themselves.
One small step for a man
posted on Jan 18, 2009
posted on Jan 18, 2009
Rough day at the beach
posted on Jan 18, 2009
Under Okeover
posted on Apr 9, 2008
Ghost Bird
A strange mark appeared on my living room window this weekend...
Down the drains
If I ever need a new hobby, I think it will be urban spelunking...
Cosmic Fencing
So we've been talking for years about doing some cosmic sword fighting, but we finally got out of our armchairs and made it happen...
Walking to the Uranium Mines
Do you think Dr. Suess made those fences?
Desert Door
posted on Apr 10, 2005
Great white hunter
Fox hunting on the patio.
The End of the World, Part 2
Seriously, the 2nd annual End of the World party was right here.
I was here
posted on Jan 28, 2005
First person shooter
Normally she's my model.
On the waterfront
I used to wander around the waterfront a lot, until they sealed it off to keep terrorists away... from piles of rusty wheels.
I just like the tones in this one.
Mists of Garibaldi
We didn't see another person for two days...
Iona, my love
This is my secret spot. Someday I might take you there, but not today.


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