It's been a while since the last baby-killer episode, but it seems like some of the Africans figured out how to make babies (yum!) and keep the other fish from munching them down like the delicious little bits of sashimi they are.  They must have cleverly hidden the eggs in a crevice that the mean ol' pleco couldn't get his big nasty sucker mouth into, because somehow they hatched.  Since cichlids are mouthbrooders, the babies must have hid out in mom and dad's mouth for a week or two until they just got too big.  And then one day, mom spat them out and they were on their own, and to everyone's surprise, there were a bunch of cute lil' baby africans just cruising everywhere.  They are yellow-pink and striped, so they could be the offspring of Mean Mr. Pink, who has a personality not unlike Saddam Hussein.  I have high hopes for the chaos that will ensue when the babies grow up to be rowdy teenagers.