So at first I thought it was a little bit creepy that you can buy a laser boresight for your hunting or assault rifle at Toys-R-Us. Then I clicked on "Additional Info" to read the customer reviews, and was genuinely shocked.  A selection of apparently authentic customer comments:

WOW this boresighte laser really saved my 5 year old daughter a lot of 7.62x54 for her PSL sniper rifle.

this product is great!! my 8 year old son's precision 300 win mag rifle is already sighted in but we found another use for this. when we can't make it to the range for live fire, he can lay prone on our second story balcony and practice holds and dry firing on the neighbors and people walking down the street! i can observe where his point of aim is through a spotting scope while laying next to him.

When I got my son an Assault Rifle for his 4th Birthday, my wife was concerned with my sons maturity level, and would he responsibly handle such a deadly tool...

Great item, my four-year-old was able to get his AR15 "on the paper" with little effort. He quickly learned that it is no substitute for a live-fire sight-in though; he missed hitting the neighbor's dog @75 yards until we zeroed with live rounds.

This item keeps the kids at the day-care center paying attention and each kid wants their turn sighting in the guns! What a great thing. The new 3 year old girl now has become an expert shot as a result of using this item.

For months I have been trying to get the scope on my toddler's rifle boresighted. Little did I know he had asked for this for his birthday. After ripping open the present, he went straight to his safe, grabbed his rifle, and had it boresighted in no time. Thanks for a great product!

This thing works great for putting a red dot inside your neighbor's living room.

Only complaint is that it fits only one caliber, 300 Winchester Magnum.
This caliber is way too big for most children to handle.

After that much balls-out redneck fucktardery, that last review almost sounds sane.