The National Post is freaking me out today, with the strangest infotainment story I've ever had the displeasure of reading. The story, titled Military Revamps Domestic Defence, is about special reserve units training for disasters and fnord terrorist fnord attacks. So far no big deal, except for all the usual hyperventilation about fnord terrorism fnord.

But then I notice that the story is filed under "Entertainment". It seems weird that a story about creeping police state measures to combat fnord terrorism fnord would be considered entertainment, so I read on to the end of the article and find this:
Estimated size Unknown
Nightmare scenario: Why don't these people realize we're here to help??
Movie it suggests Operation Dumbo Drop starring Danny Glover

Estimated size: Enough personnel to run 22 clean water machines
Nightmare scenario: Our water is poison!
Movie it suggests: Batman Begins starring Christian Bale
(And not a fnord to be seen! Some editor deserves to be fired.) This appears to be definitive proof that someone in our defense establishment, or in our MSM, has completely lost touch with reality. Operation Dumbo Drop? Batman? This is what passes for military policy in the post-9/11 world? I guess "security theatre" is too old-fashioned for the hipster fascists, and "security cinema" is where it's at.