I love this blog post on the death of newspapers.  It encompasses the subject so completely, in ways that it does not even appear to be fully cognizant of.  It's an A-list piece of Internet journalism, about the death of journalism at the hand of the Internet.  It is an incredibly important and insightful commentary on the revolution we are living through, and should be on the cover of Harpers or The New Yorker (and might be, very shortly, if they can pick up their heads out of the tar pit for a few minutes to read it).  But it's posted in a rude little blog with only four posts in its entire archive, using the lowest common denominator template.  It categorizes all of its articles as "uncategorized", so perhaps the author doesn't know how to use his blogging software, or doesn't care.  Most of the comments (and there are over 500 of them, a week after it was posted) are trackbacks, and not real comments.

It's not quite the future, but is soooo the present.  Viva la revoluçion.