Here's a vision of the future present that appeals to me.  This was drawn in 1910, and shows a futuristic vision of the future in the year 2000.  It's hard to say what I like best about this future.  Is it the fact that they don't have paved roads in the year 2000?  Or is it those crazy motorcycle fairings that look like aerodynamic riot shields?  (Speaking of which, are those guns projecting from the fairings?  Wish I had one of those when I was riding through Romania.)

Of course, you gotta like those motorcycle helmets.  Shiny gold centurion brain buckets, with integrated shades.  Sweet.

And the cherry on top of it all are the swords that the riders are carrying.  Gotta have a back up plan for when that big gun runs out of cannon balls, I guess.  It all just makes so much sense, I can't figure out where we went wrong.

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