This sign mysteriously popped up in front of a downtown tower the other week. Then, equally, mysteriously it disappeared.

Prank? Coincidence? I think not. This is exactly how those little government secrets slip out, by being exposed to broad daylight through some bureaucratic snafu, then suddenly getting covered up and swept under the rug as if nothing happened. When you walk into this building now, you see nothing but an insurance agency on the main floor. Strangely disturbing, isn't it?

Mutants... Insurance... See the connection? Neither do I, but isn't it interesting that that's exactly how they want us to think. ("No connection, so it must not be connected." But do cameras lie!?) The lack of any logical, reasonable connection is exactly what gives it away as a diabolically clever cover-up. Just as the complete absence of coherent argumentation proves my point irrefutably.

If I disappear without a trace, you'll know who to blame. It was the Department of Mutant Affairs rubbing me out for blowing their cover. Print out this web page now, and when I vanish, mail it to your Member of Parliament.

If I don't disappear, then uh... never mind.