So we bought a dart board for the office, mostly because we don't have the room for a pool table.  (Oh yeah, and because we can't afford a pool table.)  So now there's the daily darts game at 5pm, and everyone is starting to become pretty good.  I'm not normally one to brag about a good shot (other than the obligatory "Yes!!! Check it out!!!  I rock!  You suck!" but that's just good sportsmanship) but one of my shots today was nify enough that it had to be preserved for posterity.

No comments on how crappy my phone camera is, that's all I had to document the occasion, and I didn't have the big rig handy.  But check out the image and you'll see that my third dart stuck into the butt end of my second dart in a perfect Robin Hood shot.  Well, okay, not quite perfect, since they weren't in the triple-20 area, but all three darts were within a few millimetres of the triple-20, so I'm counting it as perfect anyway.